Traditional pizza oven

A nice chewy dough, a crispy crust and delicious toppings; these are the components that make up a  mouth-watering pizza. Pizza-baking is an art. Creating a delicious pizza is about bringing your skills, methods, ingredients and tools together in harmony. How do you choose the perfect mozzarella cheese for your oven? It begins with understanding the oven you use.


traditional oven pizza

What is a traditional pizza oven?

The traditional oven is a pizza oven that has been in use for thousands of years. The traditional oven is also known as a stone oven or brick oven. This oven consists of a chamber made of fireproof brick, clay or stone. Traditional ovens, as opposed to other types of pizza ovens, heat the pizza on contact. The heat gets soaked up by the stone walls and base of the chamber. When the oven reaches a really hot temperature, it releases the heat slowly.

Making pizza in a traditional oven

The traditional pizza oven has remained a popular choice for thousands of years. And there is a good reason for that. The traditional oven not only traps heat in its chamber but also steam. This makes for a delicious chewy crust with a rich flavour. If you work with a traditional oven, you are a true artisan. With a good understanding of the traditional oven, you set yourself apart from other pizza bakers by adding authenticity, value and quality to your pizza.

traditional oven pizza pizza mozzarella

The perfect mozzarella for the traditional oven

When baking a pizza in a traditional oven, it is essential that you find a mozzarella cheese that is well suited to that oven. The perfect collaboration between ingredients and your baking methods allows you to create a delicious pizza that tantalises the senses and excites your customers. And isn't that what being an artisanal pizza baker is all about?

The traditional oven uses very high temperatures. When it comes to cheese, you want to use a mozzarella cheese that melts slowly enough to allow the base to cook and that doesn't burn in your hot oven. And as a true artisan, you also strive toward authentic appearance and a heavenly taste.

Do you want to top your pizza with delectable cheese that works in perfect harmony with your oven? Then ZZA has the perfect solution for you!

Cubetti mozzarella from ZZA

With the cubetti mozzarella cheese from ZZA, you enjoy the optimal benefits of your traditional oven. Our unique cubetti-shaped mozzarella cheese is designed to give you the best results when baking your pizza your way.

Key benefits:
    • Melts slowly in a traditional oven for an authentic appearance
    • Does not burn under the hot temperatures of a traditional oven
    • Unique cubetti shape for an even spread

Convinced? Find our mozzarella cheese here or request a quote!

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