Individually Quick Frozen

Premium pizza mozzarella

ZZA mozzarella is a solution for those who love pizza. It has an exquisite taste and delicate consistency that makes it stand out on the market worldwide.

  • Packed in bags of 2kg, MOQ : 1 full truck load
  • Melts easily, for even spread on your pizza
  • Extra white color because of extra protein
  • No starch, which prevents the cheese from burning and results in fewer calories
  • Ultimate stretch
  • Less fat
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Good pizza starts with premium mozzarella

What is the secret of making a perfect pizza? It starts with ingredients that are simple, strong and fresh. The flavours must be recognised for their authenticity on an airy, crispy base. With the ultimate in meltability and flavour, ZZA Mozzarella can't fail to deliver.

High quality IQF mozzarella

As a leading supplier of IQF mozzarella, we offer the most delicious and unique mozzarella on the market. After being cut, the ZZA premium pizza mozzarella is frozen at extremely low temperatures for 6 minutes. Each piece is frozen separately. This has the great advantage of guaranteeing taste and quality. Our dynamic production process enables us to give life to a perfect piece of pizza that will melt in your mouth!

A picture to serve

Exceptional mozzarella is something you taste and see. Our mozzarella contains no starch. This means the cheese does not burn. With its extra-white colour and maximum stretch, you can serve a delicious pizza anywhere, anytime.

We put the salami| on your pizza

Our packaging is top notch and highly durable

Pizza mozzarella made in a unique production process, for the ultimate pizza experience. ZZA: you can see it, you can taste it. Get more out of your pizza.

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Usable in most, if not all, types of ovens

Pizza mozzarella made in a unique production process, for the ultimate pizza experience. ZZA: you can see it, you can taste it.

Our product specifications

Mozzarella made according to traditional Italian techniques.
High stretch and white color IQF mozzarella cheese.

Milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.
Country of origin raw materials: EU.

Allergens: the product is made from milk/dairy products
Mozzarella cut with dimensions 4 x 4 x 20 / ±1 mm.
Packed in plastic bags of 2 Kg in a protective atmosphere.
How to use
It is best to defrost the product before use.
Color: white
Smell: delicate fresh dairy products
Flavor: fragrance of milk / milky taste
PRIMARY PACKAGING: plastic bag for food sealed with film, brand and labeling according to law. Packaging of the product is in a protective atmosphere until the opening.

SECONDARY PACKAGING: cardboard box with 6 bags of 2 Kg
Say cheese!

What are you waiting for?

ZZA Mozzarella is the answer for real pizza lovers. With a delicious taste and unique properties, ZZA pizza mozzarella distinguishes itself from other cheeses.

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