Julienne mozzarella cheese 

Take your pizzas to the next level with ZZA Mozzarella's unique julienne mozzarella cheese. You don't need many ingredients to make a delicious pizza. But it is important that you use the right ingredients. Give your customers a unique taste sensation with ZZA mozzarella cheese. Due to its unique properties and fresh taste, the julienne mozzarella cheese is suitable for different types of dishes. The creamy texture, authentic appearance and seductive aromas ensure an optimal experience. At ZZA we produce delicious julienne mozzarella that will exceed all expectations of your customers. Get more out of your pizza with ZZA's julienne mozzarella cheese. Order your quote now and discover it for yourself!

Finding the right mozzarella for your pizza

Mozzarella cheeses can be divided into two categories. The cold mozzarella cheese is specially produced to be consumed cold. The second category mozzarella cheese is optimized for baking. This mozzarella is used for pizzas or other hot dishes. Not every mozzarella cheese pizza is the same, because of the different options in composition, size, shape and quality, there are various options. If you want to provide your customers with a consistent, remarkable top quality mozzarella cheese, then ZZA julienne mozzarella cheese is the cheese you are looking for. The name julienne comes from the julienne used during production. ZZA's unique julienne cheese is produced by cutting the original ball into long thin strips. Julienne cheese makes your production process easier than ever before by:

  • Supervision of the correct portions of mozzarella cheese
  • Perfect meltability for any type of pizza oven
  • Balanced distribution on every pizza and a favorable return
  • Amaze customers with the melting, stretchy and delicious cheese topping.

Easy baking with optimal meltability

Pizza ingredients are an entire part of a pizza. Quality ingredients determine how the pizza is made and how it is enjoyed. At ZZA you will only find the very best mozzarella for pizza. By combining the best qualities of mozzarella, we came up with one product that tastes great, looks authentic and is easier than ever for pizza bakers to use. Due to the consistent size, shape and quality, the julienne cheese strips are a real addition to your company. They are easy to spread over the bottom and can be divided into precise portions, so you never use too much or too little cheese. Never waste cheese again with ZZA Mozzarella's unique julienne cheese.

Exclusive julienne mozzarella cheese from ZZA

At ZZA you will only find julienne mozzarella cheese of the highest quality. This allows us to help pizza bakers and wholesalers worldwide to grow their business and retain satisfied customers. We make the julienne mozzarella cheese in our innovative production process, so that the cheese retains its unique properties. Properties such as good meltability, the best elasticity, a small amount of preservatives and starch and not burning ensure the authentic taste experience.

The julienne cheese in strips is an easy melting cheese with a delicate taste and soft texture. Thanks to the unique production process, your customers can count on delicious cheese at every stage, both before and after heating and serving. Ready to take your pizzas to the next level? You do that with the premium quality cheese from ZZA Mozzarella, due to its unique properties such as:

  • Even spread and optimal coverage due to the unique julienne cheese in strips
  • Portion control through consistent shape and size
  • Ultimate melting cheese strips that don't burn
  • The cheese retains its heavenly taste upon delivery or warming
  • Favorable return results in huge savings and waste reduction
  • Delicious full and creamy taste.

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Discover ZZA's premium julienne cheese

Serve your customers an unforgettable experience with the delicious and authentic cheeses from ZZA. An unforgettable experience that will keep them coming back. Would you like to try this premium julienne mozzarella cheese yourself and enjoy its unique properties? Contact us and experience it for yourself!

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