Dry mozzarella

The delicious look of creamy mozzarella on a pizza and the intense taste experience. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water. To be able to offer customers this tasty experience on a pizza, dry mozzarella cheese is the most suitable choice. ZZA is a worldwide specialist supplier of dry mozzarella for pizza. Discover our product or order a quote right away!

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What is dry mozzarella for pizza?

When finding the right mozzarella cheese for pizza, it is important to look at the properties of the mozzarella. The mozzarella that is generally available on the market can be divided into two categories. One type of mozzarella is produced especially to be served cold, another type is better suited to hot dishes. When it comes to mozzarella especially for pizza, ZZA dry mozzarella cheese is what you are looking for. The mozzarella has a lower moisture content compared to regular mozzarella. This gives the dry mozzarella a salty taste and a longer shelf life. The low moisture content also ensures that the cheese will not burn. Presenting a beautiful, tasteful pizza has never been easier.

Ultimate stretch and melting experience

A dry mozzarella from ZZA; it delivers unique properties that you see, taste and experience. The dry mozzarella cheese melts like a dream on the pizza, has the ultimate stretch and is super elastic. Unlike fresh mozzarella, dry mozzarella cheese won’t give off moisture. Pizzas with a wet base are therefore a thing of the past. It provides a sensational taste experience that people will never forget. ZZA's dry mozzarella cheese comes in a handy cubetti shape. This way, you can always put the most delicious mozzarella pizza on the table quickly and easily.

The dry mozzarella from ZZA

As a mozzarella producer that distributes all over the world, we at ZZA strive to offer our customers the tastiest mozzarella of the highest quality. Using our unique production process, we manage to offer pizza mozzarella that stands out on the cheese market. Through innovative techniques, our mozzarella can be produced with fewer conversion agents and no starch. The dry mozzarella cheese is therefore healthier than other mozzarellas and retains its authentic flavour. As a mozzarella manufacturer, we also strive for the perfect cheese, in order to supply quality dry mozzarella that melts, tastes excellent and can be used for packing ready-made products.

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Are you looking for a quality brand of dry mozzarella cheese for your pizza? Try our dry mozzarella! The dry mozzarella cheese has superior elasticity, meltability and offers your customers an unforgettable taste experience. Curious what we can do for you? Get in touch with us!

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