IQF mozzarella

As a pizza chef or pizza supplier, you care about your customer experience. That is why you only use the best and freshest ingredients. Adding delicious creamy mozzarella cheese is how you deliver that authentic Italian taste your customers expect. Some pizza bakers shy away from frozen mozzarella. But did you know that frozen mozzarella can be as tasty, if not more so, than fresh mozzarella? That is, if it is frozen correctly. That is why you choose ZZA's IQF mozzarella. Our Individual Quick Frozen mozzarella is made using a dynamic formula, ensuring fresh, delicious, melty and stretchy mozzarella for an authentic taste and look. Discover our IQF mozzarella and indulge your customers with a heavenly taste experience.

IQF individually quick frozen mozzarella

What is IQF mozzarella?

IQF mozzarella is mozzarella that is quickly frozen using a unique freezing method. IQF stands for Individual Quick Freezing. At ZZA, we use IQF technologies to quickly freeze every individual mozzarella cube. We chose Individual Quick Freezing for our mozzarella cheese because of this method's many benefits. Our unique production process allows us to provide you with high-quality mozzarella for your pizzas. By quickly freezing our product, we prevent the formation of large ice crystals in the cells of the mozzarella. That is how we can guarantee that our IQF cheese retains its authentic taste, smell, shape and colour after defrosting. With ZZA's IQF mozzarella, you can count on reliably high quality, even after defrosting, reheating and delivery. We freeze our exclusive cubetti mozzarella individually to make it easier for you to defrost the exact amount you need. That is how ZZA helps pizza bakers and distributors all over the world cut down on costs and waste by controlling the portion of cheese on each pizza precisely. 

Our IQF diced mozzarella has been carefully developed to exceed customers' expectations when it comes to taste, look and aroma. These qualities are retained in the mozzarella by quickly freezing our product. Do you want to make pizza-making cheaper and easier than ever before while also delivering the high-quality cheese that pizza lovers are looking for? Then ZZA is here for you! Request a quote and experience our delicious IQF diced mozzarella!

Reduce costs and waste with IQF cheese

At ZZA, we use our experience producing mozzarella cheese for pizza bakers and pizza distributors worldwide to constantly improve our unique production process. With ZZA's IQF cheese, you can rely on the best mozzarella cheese for your pizzas. We combine the best qualities of every pizza lover's favourite cheese into one single product that melts heavenly, has an authentic creamy look and tastes delicious. These excellent qualities are locked into the product through Individual Quick Freezing. When you defrost your ZZA mozzarella, you will be enchanted by a mouthwatering aroma. Every bite of our IQF tantalises the senses and will have your customers coming back for more. You can enhance the quality of your pizzas with our IQF cheese and save on costs and waste in the process. 

At ZZA, we offer pizza bakers worldwide high-quality IQF mozzarella cheese in our unique cubetti shape. Every cube is individually frozen to make it easier for you to only defrost the amount you need, producing higher quality than block freezing. Due to our cubes' consistent shape and size, you can precisely portion out the amount of cheese for each pizza. You leave the rest of the mozzarella frozen to retain the optimal freshness of your cheese. That is how ZZA's IQF diced mozzarella leads to huge savings, easy storage, consistent quality and less waste. IQF diced mozzarella is the best choice for your pizzas, as shown by these advantages:

  • Reliable and consistent quality
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy portion control
  • Short defrosting time
  • Less product waste
  • Excellent qualities locked into the product 

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The IQF diced mozzarella from ZZA

At ZZA, we pride ourselves on exclusively delivering IQF diced mozzarella of the highest quality. Through our innovative production process, we help pizza suppliers from around the world grow their businesses and stand out from the competition. By quickly freezing our individual cubes of cheese, we can deliver a solution that is cost-efficient and sustainable. And our IQF diced mozzarella does much more besides making it easier and cheaper for you to make pizzas. Our IQF method takes the quality of our cheese to the next level. Thanks to IQF, we are able to produce wholesale mozzarella cheese that is actually tastier and healthier than fresh mozzarella. Because the mozzarella lasts longer frozen, fewer preservatives, such as salt or sodium, are needed. 

We are proud to present you with IQF mozzarella cheese that melts beautifully on the pizza without burning, that has a deliciously full taste and that contains no starch and fewer preservatives for an authentic artisanal experience. Are you ready to enchant your customers and give them an experience they will never forget? This is what you can expect from ZZA's IQF mozzarella:

  • Unique cubetti shape for easy portion control and an even spread
  • Consistent high quality, even after reheating or delivery
  • Less moisture for a crispy base
  • Heavenly melt without burning
  • Easy handling, storage and defrosting
  • Individually frozen cubes for reduced product waste
  • Optimally stretchy for an authentic experience
  • Deliciously full and creamy taste

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Are you looking for high-quality mozzarella that provides incredible freshness, easy baking and cost-efficient portion control? Try our IQF mozzarella cheese now! With our IQF diced mozzarella, you can indulge your customers with an authentic mozzarella cheese that has superior meltability, ultimate stretch and a delicious taste. Curious how we can present your customers with an unforgettable experience? Get in touch with us or request a quote to experience our revolutionary mozzarella for yourself!

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