Exceptional pizza mozzarella

Our Individual Quick Frozen mozzarella is a high-quality mozzarella, supplied in handy cubetti form. Made according to a unique and dynamic production process, we know how to produce the perfect mozzarella with no starch and less preservatives. The cheese is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) to maintain optimal functionality. It results in mozzarella with maximum stretch and meltability.

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The star of the show

The mozzarella has an attractive appearance, remains optimally fresh and delivers an authentic taste. The ultimate mozzarella cheese for pizza, the ideal mozzarella for pizza lovers, the perfect mozzarella for real pizza professionals. Would you like to try our mozzarella yourself?

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The lack of starch results in a fuller taste of the mozzarella.
Color and stretch
The protein gives it a white bright color and the ultimate stretch.
IQF stands for Individual Quick Frozen. The individual ZZA pieces are frozen seperatly at extreme low temperatures.
  • All nutrional features are retained
  • Long shelf life
  • No waste
  • Easy handling
How it works
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Try our unique mozzarella The mozzarella has an attractive appearance due to its bright white color, remains optimally fresh and has a creamy taste.
Let us put the ZZA on your pizza Let your customers discover the authentic taste and unique characteristics of ZZA Mozzarella.
Ultimate stretch

Get to know our premium pizza mozzarella

ZZA mozzarella is the best solution for pizza makers. Due to the delicate taste, white color and creamy consistency ZZA mozzarella stands out on the cheese market worldwide.

  • Packed in bags of 2kg
  • Melts easily, for even spread on your pizza
  • Extra white color because of extra protein
  • No starch, which prevents the cheese from burning and results in fewer calories
  • Ultimate stretch
  • Less fat

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ZZA as a global mozzarella supplier

Our vision is to create and deliver a quality product for a great dining experience.

No matter how big the challenge, as a mozzarella supplier we always deliver the desired mozzarella solution. We are constantly researching and developing new recipes to suit the needs of our customers. Our drive to innovate allows us to provide the best mozzarella for pizza to food companies around the world.

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